Undo And Other Speed Keys

In a previous article, "Remember The Undo Command," I reminded you to use the Undo command, which is the first command on the Edit menu, in most programs.

The Undo Command

The Undo Command

In most programs, if you click on Edit, to bring down the Edit menu, you will see something like "Ctrl+Z" on the right side of the menu, beside the Undo command (Note: if it says "Cannot Undo" it means you have to do something that can be un-done, before it will show you this, in that particular program). This "Ctrl+Z" and the other things like it, are to tell you what the "speed keys" are, for these commands.

The Undo Command "Speed Keys"

I suggest that you do NOT learn the speed keys for every command, but if you use a command regularly, it is usually worth learning the speed keys for that command. Note that the speed keys can be different in different programs, so you have to check each program to see what its speed keys are for each command.

In most programs, the speed key combination for the Undo command is "Ctrl+Z" (in some programs it may be shown as "Ctrl-Z" with a minus sign instead of a plus sign, but it means the same thing). To do this, hold the Ctrl key down, punch the Z key, and then let go of the Ctrl key (it's like making a capital letter, but you use the Ctrl key instead of the Shift key). Also, when you try this, make sure you do NOT have a menu down, or it won't work in most programs.

"Ctrl" is short for "Control" so this is pronounced "control Z."

If you look through the menus of any of your programs, you will see that there are many other speed key combinations, too. Again, don't try to memorize all of them, but if there is a command that you use quite often, check the speed key combination for that command, in the menu, and use that one until you remember it. If you learn one every couple of weeks, after a while, you will find that it starts to save quite a bit of time.

I know that most of you are retired, and may not be too concerned with speed, but these can be fun to use anyway.

So the next time you have to undo something, try "Ctrl+Z."

Written by Jim McGinn
Copyright 2002, McGinnovation Inc.

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