The following tips were originally published in our free newsletter. We are no longer doing the newsletter.


The focus of our tips is on older adults (50+) who are beginners, because that's who we taught for over 10 years in our live classroom courses.

The purpose of these articles is to give beginners a few bite sized tips on using their computers. Each tip is fairly short so it doesn't take too much of your time to read it. Note also, these tips are not organized in any particular order (they are not like a course), they are designed so you can pick any one that interests you and read it without the others.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from them.

Jim McGinn



Basic Computer Words: Program and Data

What Happens When You Save: Memory (RAM), and Disks

What is a File?

Saving: File Naming Rules

Mouse Help: Mouse Wrist Rests, Ball Mice, & Position

Basic Computer Words: Network, Internet, & URL's

Turning Off The Computer - Power Bar Or Switches?

Virus Hoaxes and Hoax Checking LINKS

Basic Computer Words: Default

Use An Anti-Virus Program


Spam (Junk E-mail)

Scams and Scam Information LINKS

Basic Computer Words: Glitch

What Is Safe Mode?

Moving The Cursor Faster With The Keyboard

Basic Computer Words: Program and Software

Using Help

How To Have an E-mail Discussion,
With a Group of Family or Friends

Toolbar Button Help Tags

Cut & Paste Keyboard Shortcuts

All Capitals is YELLING

Handling CD's &
What Is a CD Burner?

How To Do Cut and Paste

Power Bars

Highlighting With The Keyboard or The Mouse - For Erasing More Stuff

"Don't Save" - Another Way to Undo Something

Undo And Other Speed Keys

When Should I Turn The Computer Off?

Internet Browsing Tip - Use Right Click, and Open in a New Window

Remember The Undo Command

Preferences or Options Command

Searching The Internet - Beginners Can Use The Advanced Page

Get an Anti-Virus Program

Right Click Your Mouse

Searching The Internet - Search Engines


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