Mouse Help: Mouse Wrist Rests, Ball Mice, & Position

One way to make using your mouse more comfortable, is to get a mouse pad with a "gel wrist rest" on it.

The wrist rest supports your wrist and arm while you are using the mouse, which lowers the strain on your shoulder. The wrist rest is made onto the mouse pad (the wrist rest and the mouse pad are all one piece).

In a "gel" wrist rest, the wrist rest feels like it is full of jelly. It forms slightly to the shape of your wrist, which makes it much more comfortable. I don't use a wrist rest for typing, but I sure like the wrist rest on my mouse pad!

These are available in most computer stores.

Fellowes Ergonomic Gel Wrist Rest and Mouse Pad
Available at Staples

Or if you are really having a lot of difficulty using a regular mouse, you may want to get a mouse with the ball on top, also called a "trackball." You position the mouse arrow with a large ball that sits on top. The clicking buttons are separate, usually on the side. Once you have the mouse arrow positioned, you let go of the ball, so it won't move accidentally while you are clicking the mouse. These are great for people with shaky hands.

Again, most computer stores carry these.

Logitech Marble Trackball Mouse
Available at Staples

Also, when you are using your regular mouse a lot, try to keep your mouse arm and shoulder, in approximately the same position as your other arm. Your mouse should be beside your keyboard. If your mouse is back farther than your keyboard, you will have to reach more with your mouse arm. If you are using your mouse a lot, this can cause more strain in your arm, shoulder, or neck.

And if using your computer (your mouse or your keyboard) is causing any pain in your arms, neck or shoulders, or if you get headaches or any other pain while using your computer, discuss this with your doctor.

Written by Jim McGinn
Copyright 2004, McGinnovation Inc.

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