Toolbar Button Help Tags

First, what a "toolbar" is: In most programs, there are one or two rows of buttons across the top of the screen, just under the menus (the menus are "File," "Edit," etc.).


Usually these buttons are square or rectangular, and each one has a little picture on it. In some programs, these extra buttons are down one side of the screen, or across the bottom. Each group of buttons is called a "toolbar."

Normally, all the things you can do with these toolbar buttons, you can also do with commands in the menus, but using the toolbar buttons can be quite handy, "if" you can figure out what the buttons do.

The picture on each button is supposed to tell you what it does, but often symbols are not very clear. However, if you put your mouse arrow over one of the buttons and hold your mouse still, withOUT pressing any buttons on your mouse, in most programs, a little tag will come down to tell you what the button is called.

Toolbar Help Tag

Often these few words are all you need to know what it does. Even if you don't understand what it is telling you, at least you will know what the button is called, so you can look it up in under the Help menu for the program, or ask someone about it over the phone. (Note: More details on using the Help menu will be in a future newsletter.)

This is also handy if you have used a particular toolbar button before, but you can't remember which button it was. Just put your mouse over one button, wait for the tag, then move from button to button, till you find the button you are looking for. You can also use this method, moving from button to button, to look through the buttons, just to see what they do.

Written by Jim McGinn
Copyright 2002, McGinnovation Inc.

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