Internet Browsing Tip - Use Right Click, and Open in a New Window

When you are looking for information on the Internet (at one of those sites), often you will see various "links" where you can click to go to another "page" of information, by clicking on them. Often I will see a list of links, and I will want to check out several of them.

The basic way to check these links out is to click on the first one, wait for it to load, read it, then click on your "Back" button, wait for it to go back, click on the second link, wait for it to load, and so on.

However, if you click on a link with your RIGHT mouse button, you will get a menu up.

Windows Right Click Menu

Then if you click on "Open in New Window" it will open the new page into a new window, and keep the old page in the old window. Then you can use the big buttons on the taskbar (the grey bar with the Start button on it, usually on the bottom of the screen), to switch between the windows.

Windows "Taskbar"

If you then click on the big button to bring the old window on top, you can RIGHT click on the next link, and open it in a new window, and do it again to open the next link, and so on.

This allows you to have several different pages of information available all at once (like having more than one piece of paper on your desk at once). If you get quite a few pages loaded at the same time, it can get a bit confusing at times, but often it is much easier than going back and forth.

This method is also quite handy if you are connected to the Internet through a slower connection, because you can open more windows (more pages) while the first one loads.

NOTE: These instructions are for Microsoft Windows based computers.

Written by Jim McGinn
Copyright 2002, McGinnovation Inc.

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