Preferences or Options Command

In most programs, on one of the menus, you will see either "Preferences" or "Options." These are different names for the same thing. This command allows you to change the way a program works, to make the program work better for your needs.

Options Command

If you click on Preferences or Options, you will get a "dialog box" (a window) with some choices in it. If you make any changes in this dialog box, and click on OK, the computer will remember what you changed, from then on, even after you turn your computer off and turn it on again (even if you don’t Save).

Exception: In some programs, this only affects the file you are working in, so you have to Save your file for it to remember, and whenever you start a new file, you may have to tell it again, but in most programs, as soon as you click on OK in the Preferences or Options dialog box, it saves your changes, and it will work the new way for all new files you make.

If you want to look at this, but you do NOT want to change it, click on Cancel when you are done looking at the Preferences or Options dialog box.

If you use a particular program a lot, I recommend that you check out the Preferences or Options command (which ever that program has). If you are going to change something in it, it’s also a good idea to write down what it was, and what you changed it to, so you can put it back later if you don’t like what it does. Also, if you’re not sure what it will do, only change one thing at a time (i.e. change one thing, click on OK, and test the program to see what it does then).

Written by Jim McGinn
Copyright 2002, McGinnovation Inc.

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