Get An Anti-Virus Program

We are getting about one call per week from people who have a virus on their system. These are mainly from older adults (our regular customers). We had 6 calls in one week a couple weeks ago. I get about one virus per month in my e-mail (usually from one of our customers computers).

If you are using the Internet (for browsing or e-mail), get an anti-virus program on your computer, and keep it up to date. We recommend Norton AntiVirus, because it is “easy” to update. It actually is “easy” for beginners to update (and I never say “easy” and “beginners” in the same sentence with computer stuff). It automatically checks for updates, and asks you if you would like them. You just click on Next, Next, and Finish, and it installs the update (without you having to know anything about file management). I like it personally because it doesn’t take much of my time.

What ever anti-virus program you use, make sure you keep it up to date. An anti-virus program that has not been updated within the last 30 days, is considered completely useless!

Written by Jim McGinn
Copyright 2001, McGinnovation Inc.

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