AARP - American Association of Retired Persons

CATALIST - The Canadian Network For Third Age Learning. CATALIST is an association for schools that do seniors courses in Canada. If you know someone in another city in Canada, who would like to take a seniors course, you may be able to find a school in their city at CATALIST.

Canadian Health Network - Information to help seniors keep healthy, from the Government of Canada.

CARP - Canadian Association of Retired Persons

The Elderhostel Home Page

Greypath - Australian seniors and retirees.

Health Canada - The Division of Aging & Seniors

Seniors and Computer Use

SeniorsCan - Creative Retirement site from Manitoba

SeniorNet USA - Lots of interesting things here. They also have over 200 seniors schools accross the United States. VERY GOOD.

The National Council on the Aging - Washington, DC

Third Age! - Active older adults.

Two Young to Retire - Things you can do with the rest of your life.

Wired Seniors - Seniors site for 50+.

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