- Internet bookseller. 3 million titles.

Barnes & Noble - The World's Largest Bookseller.

Canada Post - Postal codes, rates, etc.

Canada411 - Canadian phone listings, numbers, and addresses (white pages).

CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

CBS - CBS Broadcasting Inc.

CERT Coordination Center - Federally funded research in viruses & security on the internet at Carnegie Mellon University

Data Fellows - Virus Information or download the latest version of Data Fellows anti-virus program, F-Protect.

Discovery Channel - Science and nature, games, shopping.

Dolphins and Man

Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - Most wanted criminals and law enforcement information.

Lands' End! - Clothing catalog online.

Library of Congress - An amazing site. Check out the photos of the Civil War.

L.L. Bean - Outdoor clothing.

Network Associates - Virus Information from McAfee, and their Virus Hoax List.

Official Time - US Naval Observatory Master Clock.

Symantec - Norton's anti-virus site, and their Virus Hoax List.

The Modern English Collection - Read books online at the University of Virginia.

The NASA Homepage

Popular Science - The What's New Website.

Project Gutenberg - Library of more than 1900 books that can be downloaded

Purina Pet Care Center - Nutrition, training and pet games.

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